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At Upstate New York Roots, my goal is to provide high quality genealogy research results to my clients, to help them know and understand their New York heritage.

New York State was the gateway to America for millions of people.  They came in through the Port of New York and headed west to find their destiny.  In the late 1600s, the frontier was a few miles west of Albany.  In the 1700s, our forefathers pushed west, settling in Schoharie and the Mohawk Valley.  After the Revolution, bounty lands opened up and the expansion continued.  Fueled by available land and enabled by the Erie Canal and the railroads, New York truly became The Empire State.

They came from Germany, France, England, Ireland and Scotland.  Many families that later settled in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, in the Plains states, the Pacific Northwest and California, first spent several generations in New York.  Life in Upstate New York in those days was no picnic.  They helped forge a new nation.  So much history!  Let me help you find your New York Heritage!